A Few Of My Favourite Things

A Few Of My Favourite Things

Things can get a bit rough at times. Not just for me, for all of us.

What brings you happiness when the world rears its ugly side?

Being sick and going through chemotherapy treatment is tough, but whenever I’m feeling low, I channel my inner Julie Andrews and think of all my favourite things. Here is a little snapshot I want to share with you of some of the things that have brought me joy these past few weeks; little things that keep me smiling and feeling thankful every day…

Colourful wooden cutlery made by Bec is way lovelier than the plastic ones I have been using – and helps to minimise the metallic taste in my mouth from chemo. Thanks Bec!

wooden cutlery

Funny text messages from my gorgeous friend Ames.

amy's text

Miss you, lady. Promise not to blog about my vag. EVER. x

Added to these are my funny kids, who no matter the circumstances, keep life very normal. Here they are pj-dancing (for jam on toast…it’s a new rule I’ve made…no dance, no jam!)

“She’s copying me!” Crikey. LOL.

We’ve had scrumptious meals and lunch box treats cooked for us by beautiful friends and family – thanks Susan, Jane, Neri, Mel, Nish, Rab, Annie, Catriona, Kylie, Laura, Alison, Julia, Stu, Danielle, Mare, Jan, Sheree, Eli and Sally…seriously…my kids have never eaten so well!

I’ve had gorgeous visits – and amazing flowers sent to me from so many kind souls. Keren…let’s not leave it so long ever again. I LOVED our impromptu catch-up. Your flowers are still looking beautiful and keeping me cheery!

And last but not least…puffed sleeves. An Anne of Green Gables Movie mara with my girls. Kindred spirits, all of you! xxx

Puffed Sleeves

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